FOR DOGS Here there are no cages or boxes. There’s not even separate rooms. We share with them the space of a nice and air-conditioned mansard of 80 sq.m, part of a family house. In it there are many areas for sleeping and resting for the animals. The interior is minimalistic so that there’s more space for play and easy cleaning. Our guests are part of the family and are enjoying all the comforts of the home, of the daily long walks in the park and the forest, as well as our 24-hour company.

We are active people who like to spend outside as much time as possible. That’s we have a special respect for the walks. Our location – in the city center, alongside parks (Borisova Garden, Loven Park, South Park), giving us the opportunity to choose from countless routes according to the temperament and needs of the dog.

The walks take place in the morning and in the evening, and each one lasts about an hour, often even more. Our two usual circular routes are 5 km long and they fully satisfy the dog’s need for movement, play and exploration.

For more special dogs – adults, young, disabled – the length of the walk and the walk frequency are tailored to their needs.
Sometimes we take the dogs to the mountain or to swim in the nearby dams around Sofia.

The most frequent visitors of Grijovnici are being walked in the park or the forest without a leash. For all new guests, this happens only after the owner’s explicit consent and after our judgement.

FOR CATS we have a separate large, sunny and secure room, specially designed for their needs, which is located on another floor of the family house. Our cats can enjoy a panoramic window with a steel net and a view of the forest, tunnels, cat houses, scratches and climbers, but the most preferable are the shelves on the walls that allow them to walk around the room at a height , as well as the big natural tree for climbing. The cat’s interior is constantly updated.

RABBITS are frequent visitors. They coexist with the cats, because they understand each other and form great games. The rabbits are being released from their cages to run around the room at certain times of the day and occasionally 24 hours a day if the cats allow it.

The other small pets – HAMSTERS, GUINEA PIGS, HEDGEHOGS, CHAMELEONS AND OTHERS. – inhabit their own living spaces, which are located at the most suitable and safe place for them in the House.

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